Rani Tachril

Alenka & Margo is a local handmade jewelry company that was built in 2015, with Rani Tachril and her partner. They are focusing on creating a design that everyone can wear and be proud of. The concept of the designs come from the story, culture and nature of Indonesia with the intention of preserving Indonesia’s heritage by evolving its design and became relatable for today’s market. This idea comes from the muses which are the women of Indonesia. 



How did you get into a handmade jewelry industry?

It was one of my partner’s and my dream to be able to design our own jewelry. Us women sometimes get quite particular with what we wear and plan them overall. We often felt the lacking of any matching jewelries and wished we had them. I guess it was a dream once, then became passion.

What is your inspiration?

Indonesia’s stories, culture, language, people, nature even. Most importantly is the Indonesia’s women, we have become much more by time. How we achieved our dreams, reach our end-goal, and the struggle to accept who we are. A true warrior in the making.

When do you get your best ideas?

When I meet people, I love meeting people and talk to them. To get to know them, their background, their experiences and perspectives. Other times by reading a book or simply when I’m in a car on the way to work.


How do you relax after a stressful day?

If it’s not a tiring day I usually go for a walk with my dog. If I don’t have the energy, I would sleep. Lol. 

How often do you pamper yourself?

I’d say once every 2 weeks. If I’m lucky I’ll go twice every 2 weeks.

What treatment do you like the most from Spalosophy? Why?

I’m a first timer for an eyelash extensions, it’s hard to convince me and I can be quite picky. I have to say Spalosophy did an amazing job for this extension and have to say it’s my favorite other than the massage and manicure & pedicure.

How do you think a woman should indulge herself?

By doing what she loves the most, from pampering herself, reading a book, eat or sleep, even splurge a little!

"Woke up like this and sing Beyonce's song 'I Woke Up Like This' confidently"

How important for women to have beautiful eyelashes?

I’ll answer this by asking a question, who does not want to wake up in the morning and sing Beyonce’s song of ‘I Woke Up Like This’ confidently? (Hands up) I think every woman WANTS it.

What other project are you working on?

Other than Alenka & Margo, I am currently struggling between working on Landmark Design & Built company, an architecture and developer company. Toni and Guy salon at Colony Kemang and Aloft Hotel Jakarta (laughs). Hopefully there will be more hotels in the future.

"Be patient and passionate, although it is kind of a proof that these entrepreneurs did and kept doing. Be humble and level headed, meet new people, educate yourself and ask questions! Entrepreneurship is not a competition. Do you and be the greater version of you."