Living Loving

Spalosophy spotlight this month is Nike Prima Dewi (left) and Miranti Andi Kasim (right), the two amazing woman behind LIVINGLOVING.NET.



Tell us about Living Loving!

Living Loving started as a blog founded by Nike Prima Dewi and Miranti Andi Kasim in 2013, Living Loving now is a platform for those who seek home, creative and lifestyle inspirations. Through their website and social media channels, they were showcase stories, everyday tips and tutorials that are related to the audience. Living Loving also started our creative event in 2014 that was called Living Loving Class (#LLclass) and Afternoon Delight (#LLafternoondelight). From yarn crafting to starting an online business, various events are meant to enhance your inner-creative.


Who is a woman that inspired you the most? Why?

Mrs. Mira: My mother, my sister, women illustrators, womenpreneur, women who stay at home nursing their kids, women who build their amazing carreers, basically every women who strive to do their best is an inspiration for me.

Mrs. Nike: I have to say that I got inspirations from a lot of women that I have met and seen. It is hard to mention just one name. 



When do you get your best idea?

Mrs. Mira: When I’m happy

Mrs. Nike: When I feel relax and content.


How do you balance work and your life outside of work?

Mrs. Mira: By telling myself that I’m not a superwoman who can do it all. So it’s okay to not make everything perfect. It’s okay to not be the perfect mother. It’s okay to be a little bit messy sometimes. We also agreed to make our working days at Living Loving to be flexible: 3 days in a week. So we still have plenty of time to doing some activities with family or to socialize with friends.

Mrs. Nike: I used to try EVERYTHING to make a balance of my work and life, but in the end I just got frustrated because I never really knew how to measure if I get everything on the right track or not. So, I gave up and just let myself do what I need and want to mindfully.


How do you pamper yourself? How often?

Mrs. Mira: I rarely pamper myself at salon or spa. Maybe just a little hair spa or back massage every 1-2 month.

Mrs. Nike: Oh I love to pamper myself! I can do it 2-3 times a month. And I always bring my favorite essential oils and body oils for my daily dose of pamper. I love to massage my face before bedtime, or simply sniffing scent from my favorite oils anytime I want to.




What do you think about Spalosophy?

It’s a lovely experience where we can pamper ourselves at the comfort of our home, or in our case, our studio. Miranti was a bit surprised when she saw the portable bed, used for her facial acupressure bed. It’s not just a mattress but a real bed with foldable legs. We’re also had a wonderful experience with the therapist, Mba Susi and Mba Jesyca.


What is your advice for women especially for housewives to be more creative to start their own business?

Mrs. Mira: Do what you love and start with what you have. 

Mrs. Nike: Keep on learning. Find new things, new topics that related to your business. Meet new people, talk with people. You will get insight from places you don’t even expect.


"Do what you love and start with what you have"