Mom & Baby

You always can count on Spalosophy when it comes to pamper, not just for you.. Now you can pamper your Baby at your best place, Home.

Price List

(Created and trained by medical professional, dr. Meutia A. Kumaheri IBCLC. Combine massage & acupressure techniques that provide stimulation to release oxytocin hormones)

45 Minutes
Rp. 250.000



(A relaxing treatment using organic coconut oil designed for expectant mothers to help relax muscle tension, regulate hormones & anxiety, reduce excess water retention, and improve skin elasticity)

60 Minutes
Rp. 230.000
90 Minutes
Rp. 315.000
Pre-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Lactation 30 Minutes
Rp. 360.000


(An invigorating massage customized for post-partum care after childbirth, helping new mothers to regain her looks, strength and energy. Treatment includes full body massage, heated stone rub, herbal Jamu medicine (Tapel & Pilis) and binding using stagen and gurita (Bengkung))

60 Minutes
Rp. 230.000
Post-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Lactation 30 Minutes Rp. 375.000
Post-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Bengkung 30 Minutes Rp. 375.000
Post-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Bengkung 15 Minutes + Lactation 15 Minutes
Rp. 450.000

 *Stagen and Gurita must be purchased separately

 *Package of 2 Weeks / 1 Month , Stagen & Gurita are available. Please contact our Customer Service for further info.


(Gentle treatment designed to optimized healthy growth and development through stimulating your baby's lymphatic system. Regular treatments help to strengthen immune system, ease constipation, and encourage better sleep quality)

45 Minutes
Rp. 185.000
Package : 6x treatment
Rp. 900.000



(Discover the secret of Indonesia'a ancient exfoliating body treatment using a blend of detoxifying plant extract and herbs that will naturally warm the body, increase blood circulation, and speed up after-labor recovery)

60 Minutes
Rp. 200.000



(Get all the healing and moisturizing benefits of Oatmeal and Honey, a gentle exfoliant which helps restore natural moisture and remove dead skin)

60 Minutes
Rp. 200.000


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