Dr. Christabella, MD

Dr. Christabella very passionate about her occupation as a Doctor. Christabella decided to become a doctor when she was a child around 6 YEARS OLD. "My grandpa told me to do so, then I decided to join School health unit (SHU). When I was in Junior high school I regularly helped the SHU three times a week. I love to help and take care my friends since i was a kid. When i was in school, I loves all of science lessons especially biology, the score that I got was one of the highest score beside Physics and chemistry."



Christabella have been through in medical school that allowed her to work with government hospital since Co-Ass until Internship (around 2 years). Since that time she realized that our health system still on progress to be accessible for all Indonesian people especially newborn babies. Christabella saw them need to let go some of weak babies because the parents don’t have enough money to pay. It’s hurt her and somehow we know how complicated to activate the health insurance which is impossible in the immediate or emergency condition. 


"I realized that our health system still on progress to be accessible for all Indonesian people especially newborn babies"



Let's Share is a non-profit organization collaborating with UNICEF Indonesia to help underprivileged children in healthcare area. Their mission is to Strengthening the Nutrition and Education Nexus in Indonesia.


How you can encourage more women to work in a non-profit organization?

I just share my experiences base on what I see, what I feel, sharing them the videos, photos and sometimes invite them to come and meet with the baby’s family. Some of them were ok just to donate their money, but some of them also willing to participate more.


How do you balance work and your life outside of work?

my priority is my family, my study and my work as well. So far I can balance them all by dividing my schedule as fair as I can. But, mostly they now I dont have a lot time to hang around with friends. But we have quality time in different way and mature way for now

Example: by doing charity together instead of dinner or going to lounge/club


How do you pamper yourself?

I usually indulge myself at least once in two weeks by facial, massage, manicure-pedicure or visiting nature; I always try to find a time in between even in my busy schedule.




How often do you get your nails done?

Mostly only manicure pedicure, because I work. So, it’s impossible to have a long and too fashionable nail art. But when I use it, I clean it every 10 days. At a special occasion I do nail art too, mainly when I have to attend a wedding party of my friend etc.


How does a manicure make you feel?

it makes me relax and calm


How do you think is important for women to get their nails done?

Its important to clean it, clean and healthy for me is an important thing. For a special occasion, I think to be beautiful is a must.