Our Story

SPALOSOPHY is a mobile spa & beauty service created to provide five-star spa experience within the comfort of customer's home, office or desired location. Catering to the fast-paced urban lifestyle, SPALOSOPHY launched in 2014 for the busy bees, modern professionals and active parents. Without having to find a taxi or drive a car, customers can pamper themselves with a relaxing massage or dress up their nails in the latest design trend wherever and whenever they want it.

SPALOSOPHY’s vision is to become the leading national mobile spa & beauty service in Indonesia. In doing so, SPALOSOPHY hopes to create a gratifying service that is both professional and convenient. SPALOSOPHY’s trained Spaloist will come prepared with a massage table, aromatherapy vapor machine, and sterilized tools & towels.

SPALOSOPHY aims to transform the traditional spa experience by combining luxury with convenience. SPALOSOPHY holistic treatments include Full Body Massage to re-energized body, Reflexology to promote blood circulations, Exfoliating Treatments that helps rejuvenate skin, hand and nail deep dermal treatment and a range of trendsetting stylish nail beautifications.

"Gratifying service that is both professional and convenient"

Striwicessa Maringka founded SPALOSOPHY based on her personal experiences of never being able to find the time to go to the salon or the spa. With her hectic schedule at her previous job as the Managing Director of a leading Indonesian fashion label, she was always on the go and wishes that there was an on demand spa service that can come to where she is at the time. Striwicessa has always been deeply passionate about fashion and hopes to bring a new style into the beauty industry.

In SPALOSOPHY Striwicessa also saw the opportunity to help women by creating a vehicle to provide education and employment. Through a rigorous in-house training program, Striwicessa has empowered her Spaloist with a trade skill from which they can make a living. Furthermore, Striwicessa continues to advocate and coach her Spaloist in responsible financial planning, career mindedness, and professionalism.

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