Chef Nina Bertha

The journey of being a Chef is not easy. This time Chef Nina will share her story and journey of being a Chef. Let's hear what Chef Nina says!



"tasty food has always challenged me."

Why do you want to be a Chef?

Because I have realized that being a Chef is my passion and creating something attractive through tasty food has always challenged me. I feel a strong desire that has always driven me to overcome any obstacle.


Tell us your career journey as a Chef!

My career journey actually started when I was in college. I sold my very first homemade cupcake to my friends and by word of mouth I sold more baked goods and that led me to where I am today as an icon Chef for international & national companies.


Tell us who is your inspiration and why?

My inspiration is Chef Chandra Yudaswara & Chef Joy Pelo because of their dedication, reputation, hardwork, creativity, generosity & modesty


As an Electrolux Icon, what do you think on how Electrolux products can also empowering modern woman with makes life easier & have more free time to be creative and do more?

Many women nowadays are busy, independent and a multitasker. I am one of those women. To my personal opinion, Electrolux makes my life so much easier and less effort by improving their products with thoughtful inovations. I love their multifunction mixer, wireless 2in1 vacuum cleaner, fridge that keeps my ingredients last much longer and indcredibly reliable washing machine. Definitely must have for busy bees.

"Electrolux makes my life so much easier"




With your collaboration with MümMüm, what makes you interest on this opportunity? Do you have any personal reason or inspiration to do this?

Frankly speaking what makes me interested in building MumMum under Spalosophy belt is because I believe in this company that they have the passion, quality, reputation and the right market to target as well as the ability needed to execute everything.


How do you balance your social life with work?

I balance my social life usually by putting everything into priority list. When I think I had worked enough, I would give myself a break or reward by going out with my friends and enjoy the art of "not being productive".



Do you think pampering yourself is important? Why?

Pampering myself is so important because it helps me to maintain my mood and emotional being so I can be refreshed as well as stay positive in my professional life as a chef. In addition, being presentable, fit and good looking is always beneficial as an icon chef for companies.


How do you think a woman should indulge herself?

Listen to yourself and understand your body. Make yourself feel good, fit and pretty. Do some workout, eat healthy, go to salon or spa and sometimes you just can enjoy the art of doing nothing too. 


What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs who wants to start a business?

My advice is to find a mentor as your role model. Sharpen your hard/soft skill by keep learning stop complaining and stop counting everything by penny. Learn how to plant a seed and see potential. Be patient and full of strategy because money or investors will follow your quality and attitude. By the time going, you also can sharpen your mental & knowledge as an entrepreneur because a master was a beginner too. Just have the courage to start and when you fall, shake the dust off and move on. Lastly, plan everything carefully and be wise.

"Learn how to plant a seed and see potential. Be patient and full of strategy because money or investors will follow your quality and attitude."