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Price List

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

(Eyelash Extension with Russian technique for adding more volume with 3D to 6D effects.)

3D Lashes

Rp. 600.000

4D Lashes

Rp. 700.000

5D Lashes

Rp. 800.000

6D Lashes

Rp. 900.000

6D Lashes

Rp. 325.000 - Rp. 675.000

Eyelash Extension

(Eyelash extension)


Rp. 400.000

Add Volume

Rp. 150.000

Add Mixed Design

Rp. 100.000

FIll In

Rp. 150.000 - Rp. 275.000

Hair Treatment

(Hair Care Treatment)

Hair Creambath

Rp. 130.000

Hair Blow Dry

Rp. 120.000

Hair SPA

Rp. 200.000


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