Spalosophy beauty treatment includes Eyelash Extension, Waxing and Hair.
Eyelash Extension immediately makes your Eyelash more lifted and refresh. Waxing gives you a clean smooth skin and don't forget to looking glam with a perfect hair. With just one dial.. we will be at your doorstep to primp & groom you. Looking good has never been this easy!

Price List

Hair Coloring & Toning

(Majirel & INOA L'oreal Professionel)

Super Short Hair

Rp. 350.000

Short Hair

Rp. 450.000 - 550.000

Medium Hair 

Rp. 600.000 - 700.000

Long Hair 

Rp. 750.000 - 850.000

Hair Treatment

(Equipped with services for hair care like Hair SPA, services for Hair Growth and also services for repairing damaged hair)

Blow Styling

Rp. 150.000


Rp. 150.000

Hair SPA

Rp. 250.000


Rp. 350.000

Add on Powermix

Rp. 50.000

Add on Blow Styling

Rp. 100.000


(Body hair removal treatment with Soft Waxing methods using paper strip and wax gel to get a soft and smooth skin)

Arm Half

Rp. 130.000

Arm Full

Rp. 180.000

Leg Half

Rp. 180.000

Leg Full

Rp. 300.000

Waxing Small Area

(Hard wax treatment that helps you keep your skin soft and smooth even to your private area)

Under Arm

Rp. 120.000


Rp. 180.000

Full Monte

Rp. 350.000



(This treatment includes DETOX to remove dust, oil, makeup residue & lash mites. And BOTOX to get a thick and stronger lashes)

Single Treatment

Rp. 200.000

Add on

Rp. 130.000

Eyelash Extension

(Eyelash Extension)

Single Lash

Rp. 250.000

2D Lash

Rp. 400.000

3D Lash

Rp. 550.000

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

(Eyelash Extension with Russian technique for adding more volume with 3D to 6D effects.)

3D Volume

Rp. 650.000

4D Volume

Rp. 750.000

5D Volume

Rp. 850.000

6D Volume

Rp. 950.000


Fill In & Remove

(Retouch & Remove Eyelash Extension)

0 - 21 days, max 100 helai

Single Lash

Rp. 175.000

2D Lash

Rp. 225.000

3D Lash

Rp. 300.000



Rp. 150.000


Treat yourself.

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