Experience pampering yourself without having to struggle through Jakarta's traffic! We have a full menu of spa services that allow us to turn your home, office, or any of your desired location into a five-star spa - complete with a massage table, music, aromatherapy and sterilized tools. Re-energize your body with our body services!

Spalosophy Full Body Massage

Signature Massage

90 Minutes

Rp. 180.000

120 Minutes

Rp. 230.000

75 mins Full Body Massage + 60 mins Face Acupressure Massage

Rp. 280.000



additional 30 mins

Rp. 65.000


Body Scrub

60 Minutes

Rp. 160.000

60 mins Exfoliating + 60 mins Full Body Massage

Rp. 270.000

60 mins Exfoliating + 90 mins Full Body Massage

Rp. 335.000



90 Minutes

Rp. 170.000

120 Minutes

Rp. 200.000


Face Acupressure Massage

Face Acupressure

60 Minutes

Rp. 180.000


Brightening Treatment

Skin Brightening Treatment

Half Arm

Rp. 125.000

Full Arm

Rp. 225.000

Half Leg

Rp. 150.000

Full Leg

Rp. 275.000


Rp. 85.000

Back and Front Torso

Rp. 425.000

Full Body

Rp. 950.000



Perhaps we are the only mobile spa that comes to your doorstep with over 30 trendsetting nail polishes! Our nail services are dedicated to the busy bees out there who don't have time to go to the salon and prefer to get their nails done on the comfort of their couch or sofa, instead.


Express Manicure & Pedicure for quick polish touch-up includes shape, buff, cuticle push, polish, and dry oil

Express Manicure

Rp. 100.000

Express Pedicure

Rp. 100.000

*This menu must be combined with other services with minimum puchase of Rp. 150.000


Express Manicure + Pedicure

Rp. 180.000



Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure available for woman & man includes hand soak/foot bath, file, shape, buff, extended cuticle care, hand/foot massage with lotion, color polish & dry oil

Deluxe Manicure

Rp. 130.000

Deluxe Pedicure

Rp. 170.000

Deluxe Manicure + Pedicure

Rp. 280.000

Additional (+)

Additional treatment for Manicure & Pedicure combined with other treatment

SPA Manicure (scrub & masque) - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 100.000

SPA Pedicure (scrub & masque) - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 150.000

Gel Polish - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 100.000

Remove Gel Polish - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 50.000

Nail Art - per Fingers

Rp. 5.000 - Rp. 50.000

Nail Tip

Rp. 100.000

Nail Extension - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 500.000

Fill in Nail Extension - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 250.000

Remove Nail Extension - per 10 Fingers

Rp. 200.000



Spalosophy beauty treatment includes Eyelash Extension, Waxing and Hair.
Eyelash Extension immediately makes your Eyelash more lifted and refresh. Waxing gives you a clean smooth skin and don't forget to looking glam with a perfect hair. With just one dial.. we will be at your doorstep to primp & groom you. Looking good has never been this easy!

Hair Coloring & Toning

Majirel & INOA L'oreal Professionel

Super Short Hair

Rp. 350.000

Short Hair

Rp. 450.000 - 550.000

Medium Hair 

Rp. 600.000 - 700.000

Long Hair 

Rp. 750.000 - 850.000

Hair Treatment

Equipped with services for hair care like Hair SPA, services for Hair Growth and also services for repairing damaged hair

Blow Styling

Rp. 150.000


Rp. 130.000

Hair SPA

Rp. 200.000


Rp. 350.000

Add on Powermix

Rp. 50.000

Add on Blow Styling

Rp. 100.000


Body hair removal treatment with Soft Waxing methods using paper strip and wax gel to get a soft and smooth skin

Arm Half

Rp. 130.000

Arm Full

Rp. 180.000

Leg Half

Rp. 180.000

Leg Full

Rp. 300.000

Waxing Small Area

Hard wax treatment that helps you keep your skin soft and smooth even to your private area

Under Arm

Rp. 120.000


Rp. 180.000

Full Monte

Rp. 350.000


YUMI LASH Keratin Lash Lift & Tint

Low maintenance treatment to give you a naturally shaped curl to perk up your eyes, lifting and make your eyes open with only 1x of treatment

Single treatment

Rp. 700.000


3x treatment

Rp. 1.800.000

6x treatment

Rp. 3.000.000

12x treatment

Rp. 4.800.000


YUMI Lash Serum

Rp. 500.000

YUMI Lash Mascara

Rp. 500.000

YUMI Lash Serum & Mascara

Rp. 800.000


This treatment includes DETOX to remove dust, oil, makeup residue & lash mites. And BOTOX to get a thick and stronger lashes

Single Treatment

Rp. 200.000

Add on

Rp. 130.000

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension


Rp. 450.000

Lash Tickness Options : 0.15 & 0.20


Rp. 450.000

Lash Tickness Options : 0.25


Rp. 550.000

Lash Tickness Options : 0.15, 0.20 & 0.25


Rp. 650.000

Lash Tickness Options : 0.15 & 0.20

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension with Russian technique for adding more volume with 3D to 6D effects.

3D Volume

Rp. 650.000

4D Volume

Rp. 750.000

5D Volume

Rp. 850.000

6D Volume

Rp. 950.000


Fill In & Remove

Retouch & Remove Eyelash Extension

0 - 14 days

Rp. 175.000 - Rp. 275.000

15 - 30 days

Rp. 250.000 - Rp. 350.000

1 - 2 months

Rp. 350.000 - Rp. 450.000



Rp. 150.000


Pre-Marital Package

Spalosophy offer you a Pre-Marital Package, to pamper and prepare you from the Big Day!
Release the stress and help you to boost your inner beauty

Premarital Packages

Wedding packages

Say I Do 1 Spalosophy Signature Massage 1 Full Brightening Tretment 1 Face Acupressure

Rp 1.125.000

Aisles Ahead 1 SPA Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure 1 Choose between Nail Extension or Nail Art 2 Gel Polish

Rp 1.000.000

The Pre-nup 2 Signature Spalosophy Massage 2 Full Body Treatment 2 Face Acupressure Massage 1 SPA Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure

1 Choose between Nail Extension or Nail Art

2 Gel Polish

1 Full body Waxing


Mom & Baby

You always can count on Spalosophy when it comes to pamper, not just for you.. Now you can pamper your Baby at you best place, Home.

Pre-Natal Massage

A relaxing treatment using organic coconut oil designed for expectant mothers to help relax muscle tension, regulate hormones & anxiety, reduce excess water retention, and improve skin elasticity

60 Minutes

Rp. 200.000

90 Minutes

Rp. 280.000

Pre-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Lactation 30 Minutes

Rp. 320.000

Post-Natal Massage

An invigorating massage customized for post-partum care after childbirth, helping new mothers to regain her looks, strength and energy. Treatment includes full body massage, heated stone rub, herbal Jamu medicine (Tapel & Pilis) and binding using stagen and gurita (Bengkung)

60 Minutes

Rp. 350.000

Post-Natal Massage 60 Minutes + Lactation 30 Minutes

Rp. 450.000


*Stagen and Gurita must be purchased separately

Baby Massage

Gentle treatment designed to optimized healthy growth and development through stimulating your baby's lymphatic system. Regular treatments help to strengthen immune system, ease constipation, and encourage better sleep quality

45 Minutes

Rp. 150.000

Lactation Massage

A combination of gentle breast massage and heated stone therapy to stimulate milk production and prevent clogging of milk ducts after delivery

45 Minutes

Rp. 180.000

Lulur Boreh

Discover the secret of Indonesia'a ancient exfoliating body treatment using a blend of detoxifying plant extract and herbs that will naturally warm the body, increase blood circulation, and speed up after-labor recovery

60 Minutes

Rp. 180.000

Oatmeal Exfoliating Treatment

Get all the healing and moisturizing benefits of Oatmeal and Honey, a gentle exfoliant which helps restore natural moisture and remove dead skin

60 Minutes

Rp. 180.000

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